No benefit without functionality - No benefit without safety

This is a personal profile website.

My name is Philipp Ertle and I'm a researcher in the field of service robots. My research work mainly focuses on the safety aspects of future service robots. According to my personal opinion, safety issues of future autonomous robots will become one of the most important and grave topics of our technological world.

The main difference to other complex mechatronic systems is that those future service robots have to be able to learn. This drawback (from a safety-oriented perspective) is necessary to be accepted, due to the difficulty to completely program a service robot before its operating time. The complex environment which is usual and common for us humans, constitutes big challenges to roboticist and requires that the robots understand what is going on around them.
In order to share our living space with them, safety has to be ensured, not only for successfully establishing a required certification process. The responsibility and care for humankind requires that his topic is investigated with maximal care and diligence.

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